Time Is a Storm

by Through These Walls

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released July 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Through These Walls Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Chasing Hell
Hold back before we break down
We will find a way
For the end we’re born
We dance in the fire storm
The truth is left untold
We will find a way
For the end has come
Believe me.
I’ve been cheating death and I’m chasing hell
To fight my way to you
Walk with me through the fire
We’ll make our final stand
Through the terror and through the pain
We will carry on, inside the flame
Our story has more chapters
We will find salvation
If you follow me, life will be halcyon
Oasis calls our name
The path will not be easy
The end shall bring anew
I’ll save you if you fall down
A day to live, and a day to die
A dawn to break, and a last goodbye
Staring death down ash to dust
I’ll burn for you
Track Name: Alive
Lost trance and I can’t remember, the blinding in the light
I will shed my true blood unjust, unrelenting end
Can you hear their voices, begging for, that which we are born
In time we, face our fate, in the silent thunder
To see the dawn of
Hope and life, fearing that we can’t recognize
Turn the page, a new world order driven by the blade
Call to arms, against the hate that we know now
Free your mind, we are stronger than they realize
I’ve seen it all before
In the end we’re all reborn
Forever, never surrender at all
For we will always
Believe in the broken, we're alive
Out of truth, and out of wonder, defiantly we stand
Hold fast and wait for morning, until our final call
Can you hear their voices, begging for
The song of hope
Track Name: Into Dawn
Sinking silence stinging clear
A thought provoking fear
I can’t breathe again, or see the end
Harnessed honor, deliver me
With a fire deep inside
I can’t breathe again, or see the end
With your tears, you said goodbye
But in my heart, we will survive
But in due time we will
Fight the fear of what’s inside, and save her life
Say goodbye to all you’ve known, we all die alone
This fire’s burning on and on, into the dawn
I’d do what it takes to get you back, I’m on the verge I will return
I am the way, I’m here to stay
I survived the end of days, I will not stop I will not fade
I breathe again, it’s not the end
I bled for love, I bled for truth
I fight for hope, I fight for you
And in due time we will
Fight the fear of what’s inside
And say goodbye to the world
Pressing on into the dawn
We’ll make our final stand
All I know, and all I pray
We’ll die another day
We may burn, but we will fight
Track Name: Can't Die Without You
I’ve watched the world burn
Through these eyes so cold
What’s a heart worth
When we’re left to die alone
I’d crawl through hell to see you again
I won’t stop until these eyes see the end
Through madness my memory sees your face
I won’t stop until I say
I’ll carry you, through fire and through time
I can’t die without you
I’ll stand by you, and watch the world bleed dry
As we survive
I’ve watched the stars turn
From light to stone
What’s a night worth
When no one is left to hold
Track Name: Face The Flame
We sharpen the blade
We stand to far away to fight
We paint the sky in ash
Bow our heads to ask, for shame
We black out the sun
And stare at what we have done
We light the fires bright
We stand to face the flame tonight
I stand
With a heart of broken dreams
Shattered, memories of the life we had
I stare
With eyes of fading white
Locked on you
My angel of the last light
No we won’t die alone, now close your eyes
See the beauty burn
Watch it burn
Through the depth of the light
Love like,
From the darkness of the light
Follow me
Everything’s lost tonight
Track Name: While The Heavens Burn
Fear, inception, from souls that stand as one.
Free, the fallen, who rise to fight again.
Defy the order that claims to lead the way.
For we are the many, and to no man we obey.
Don’t turn around, to see what is left.
Fire in the sky, and tears in our eyes.
We look to the stars, to see who we are,
while the heavens burn, don’t we learn?
We fell with empty hearts, but we never were alive.
In flames we fell apart, but never in this light.
When darkness casts its lies, the truth will set you free.
Break the failure that chains you to this life.
Breathe the silence forsake your given right.
Betray thine enemies, and lay them in their graves.
For we are the fearless, and injustice we erase.
Fight for your life
Track Name: Waiting For The Storm
Looking for a sign on another line
I’m tempted to fall back down again
Out of time and out of light
I’ll never lose this fight
To my knees I drop and stare
At the scars I left and those I bear
All that’s left is washed away
In the tides of yesterday
Waters rage yet on I sail
Empty air like an empty veil
A sense of fate a glimpse of peace
I’m ready to unleash
I’ve seen the truth in the shadows cast
While I’m waiting for the storm to pass
Wicked wins unveil my past
I’m out of breath but not my last
Lightning crash and embers rise
I feel the light ignite my eyes
If I’m not who I believe
I’ll be waiting for the sun to rise
Wasting my voice on another lie
Cross my heart refuse to die
Time will tell ascend from hell
To where I want to be
Track Name: From Here Through Eternity
So here we lay, and it’s ok
We’re hiding from the fires
I’m ready to sacrifice
For love and hope, and life
I hope you’ll understand, take my hand
We could find a home, a place to stay the night
We could find our peace, from here through eternity
With our backs against the wall, this love will break our fall
Remember me this way, until we meet again
To die in love is not the end, love will begin again
Rest inside my scars, a place where you can smile
Hear my voice in the night, I will never say goodbye
Bury me in your heart, such a beautiful place to die
Track Name: Revelation II: Aftermath
Hide away, in the wake of thunder, pouring nightmares bleeding through my eyes.
Wake up to hell in the morning
Snap shot and the memories collapse, everything I love, I see it burn
My heart’s lost in the aftermath, final stop along my broken path
I breathe in defiance to save you, one last time
Surrender to madness, consuming the last light is burning bright
Every day, I am left to wonder, will I find asylum in your eyes
Wake up to hell in the morning
Last chance to hold each other tight, clocks reverse in time to take us home
I breathe in defiance to save you, one last time
Surrender to madness, consuming the last light is burning bright
Hide in my sorrow forever, a safe place that’s all I am
Lost in the moment I saw you, the first time, carries on